Amber Alfano

portrait of Amber Alfano

Amber Alfano is the owner and head CPA at ABD Tax Accounting LLC. Prior to opening her own practice, Amber spent the past decade immersed in the accounting world. Amber graduated with a Bachelors and Masters of Accounting from the University of Florida. After college and sitting for the CPA exam she went straight into the belly of the accounting beast and started working in Ernst & Young’s business tax division. Over the next 5 years Amber specialized in the preparation of business tax returns for clients in the real estate, manufacturing and finance industries.

In 2012 Amber’s love of academia and accounting lead her to Boulder and the University of Colorado to pursue a PhD in accounting. Thinking that university professorship was her true calling, Amber taught sections of the Introduction to Individual Income Tax class during her time at CU. Somewhere during the 5 years and countless hours of reading academic texts Amber realized that she missed her clients and the hands-on work of the practitioner’s world. In 2017 the desire to work won over the desire to teach and Amber left her PhD have completed all but her dissertation to open ABD Tax Accounting LLC.

Amber spends most of her time away from tax reading, travelling or exploring the Colorado wilderness. She is an avid trail runner and hiker and a somewhat reluctant dirt bike rider. Amber is married and has two dogs whom she treats like children.


Amber is a CPA and has an extensive background in tax. She thought she wanted to be an accounting PhD, but turns out that wasn’t the case so she opened her own tax practice instead. Amber likes the outdoors and dogs.